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Generate Monthly Recurring Revenue

We build SEO & PPC departments for agencies.  We help you hire the right people, we train and coach them, plus you get all of our proven systems and detailed task lists so you can generate $300,000+ in Monthly Recurring Revenue per year per employee.

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We have developed systems and processes that get results

Our agency, Peak Inbound Marketing, has been serving clients and other agencies for over 8 years.  Our founder Don Seckler has been building and executing successful SEO & PPC strategies since 1996.  While the digital landscape has changed dramatically in the past 26 years, we have continued to adapt and deliver results for our clients.

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How We Help You Generate
Monthly Recurring Revenue

We build SEO & PPC departments for you and teach you how to sell these monthly recurring revenue services to your existing and new clients.

Find The Right People

We help you write job descriptions and job ads.  Plus we help you interview and choose the ideal person.

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Train & Coach

Our video training and testing system makes learning easy. Plus we coach them every week to ensure success.

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Systems & Task Lists

We give you our proven successful systems and very detailed task lists. Everything your people need to succeed.

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Sales Strategies

We teach you how to sell SEO & PPC services to existing and new clients.  You get strategies to monetize these new service lines.

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Recurring Revenue

Your new services will be able to generate $300,000+ per employee per year.  Could you use that additional revenue?

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Ongoing Education

We keep you up to date on all of the changes that can affect your services. Plus you can get ongoing consulting and coaching.

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Finally Stop Outsourcing

Bringing SEO and PPC services in house is the best way to increase your agency’s bottom line.  Outsourcing to freelancers comes with a myriad of problems.  But the most important problem is the leaking of part of your revenue to freelancers for these services.  Bring these services in house and stop that revenue leak.



Peak's SEO and PPC systems and expertise have helped grow our agency revenue dramatically. The training, coaching and task lists are so complete and effective that they make it easy to have success for our clients.

Tamara Robb

Adding Peak's SEO and PPC services has had a very positive effect on our bottom line.

George Costello

Peak is always a go to referral for me. Their SEO and PPC expertise is among the best. Don Seckler is an effective trainer and coach and can really help you grow your agency's revenue.

Steve Guberman
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Our Latest Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Massive Growth for a Section of an Enterprise Website

The Goal Gain new Google rankings with precisely targeted content to increase search visibility

CASE STUDY: How One Family Law Firm Got Over 10x ROI With SEO And Inbound Marketing

Search Visibility Increased +1,347%! The number Of Keywords Ranking Went from 66 to 955!

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