CASE STUDY: How One Family Law Firm Got Over 10x ROI With SEO And Inbound Marketing

Search Visibility Increased +1,347%! The number Of Keywords Ranking Went from 66 to 955!

Increased keyword rankings

Website Traffic Doubled
Year Over Year

website traffic doubled

Family Law Firm Sees Enormous Growth In Their First Year With Peak Inbound Marketing

A family law firm engaged Peak Inbound Marketing to help ramp up their digital visibility and drive more business from their website.  After one year, the results are staggering.

Peak was able to increase the number of keywords the client was ranking for from 65 to over 660. Traffic to the website from organic search increased by over 145%. The end result is that revenue generated from digital sources returned an ROI of over 10x.

The Combination Of Targeted Content, Search Optimization, And Marketing Automation Gets Online Results

Identifying prospects by what problems they have, what questions they ask, what motivates them to buy, and understanding how they search for those things is key to digital lead generation success. This client already had a very good handle on their prospects and what motivates them. We optimized their existing content so that Google would better understand what their pages were about. We also created an ongoing targeted content strategy to further enhance the client’s content reach and dramatically increase the number of keywords that Google ranked the website for. This resulted in tremendous growth in the amount of traffic to the website from organic search results.

We added benefit-focused calls to action to the content to help increase lead generation then developed a series of automated emails that nurtured the leads and helped identify when prospects were ready to buy.

The combination of targeted content, SEO, and marketing automation can work to drive more business for you. Contact us today to discuss increasing the number of leads generated from your website.

UPDATE: After two years we generated almost 300 leads for this family law practice from our work on organic search strategies. Plus the client wanted to add an ongoing pay-per-click program that generated another 300 leads. Not bad.