CASE STUDY: Massive Growth for a Section of an Enterprise Website

The Goal

Gain new Google rankings with precisely targeted content to increase search visibility and drive qualified traffic to the section of the website that focuses on a location and specific service. 

Our Solution

The Strategy

  • Do deep-dive research into all of the ways that people search for the specific service.
  • Run a website audit to determine which existing content was ranking in the search engine results for relevant keywords.  Focusing on keywords that show intent to purchase.
  • Review keyword research to understand the opportunities available for higher search visibility.
  • By making data-driven content decisions, build a plan for a microsite that focuses on this location and one specific service within the large enterprise website.
  • While the organization already has a high degree of expertise, authority, and trust in its industry, we identified ways to increase that and make it more visible throughout this section of the website.
  • We identified 6 keyword concepts that we used to create new pages. Each page had keyword subjects that were related to the service and had large monthly search volumes. We selected one primary and three secondary keywords and had expert-level content written.
  • We designed a hub page for the service and the location that linked to all of the 6 sub-pages with content about those sub-pages on the hub page.


  • We provided a Content Strategy with a summary of the recommendations to the client which include:
    • Overall search visibility recommendations regarding the microsite including how to best optimize the copy, technical SEO, and off-site SEO.
    • General SEO recommendations that apply to the entire microsite.
    • We provided detailed SEO recommendations for each new page.
  • Recommend keyword-focused optimization for URLs, Title Tags, Meta Desc, H tags, and the onsite copy.
  • The team created a 7-page site with highly optimized, relevant, and authoritative content.

The Results 

  • 10x increase in search visibility in 6 just weeks
  • 17x increase in search visibility after 9 months
  • Incredible gains in high visibility search features
  • Year over year organic users to this section of the website increased by +550% 

Big Gains

Before WorkAfter 6 weeksAfter 9 Months
Keywords Ranking25222471
Page 1 Rankings736102
Number 1 Rankings0918
Featured Snippets0616
People Also Ask019118

Keyword Ranking Gains

Keyword Rankings

Traffic Gains

Big traffic gains