Inside SEO Training For Agencies: The One Lesson That Matters Most

Inside SEO Training For Agencies: The One Factor That Matters Most

Whether your SEO training program is comprised of training classes, online training, or some combo of both, there’s one lesson that should be included in the training.  That lesson is one that shows how SEO is marketing first.  Without that understanding, many SEO efforts will come up short.  

Marketing Strategy Is Required For SEO

Driving traffic to a website using SEO is only effective in driving business for the client when that traffic is highly targeted to the client’s ideal prospect.  SEO training for agencies should include content around the marketing strategy that starts with defining your client’s ideal prospect and what makes them unique compared to others who might use your client’s services.

Once you identify and define the ideal prospect, then you can start keyword research to identify how that person searches and build a plan to optimize the existing website content for search so that it fits the ideal prospect. If your SEO training program doesn’t start with targeting your ideal prospect, it’s going to be much harder to get results.

Marketing Research For SEO

You can also do some competitive research with a competitive SEO audit.  A competitive SEO audit can help your marketing strategy because it can show you where your competitors are strong and where the opportunities in search are.  When you make data-driven decisions, you’re much more likely to have success.

Good SEO training for agencies will show all of the details of a competitive SEO audit.  The best ones show how to pull all of the data, how to organize it, how to evaluate it, and how to make recommendations and present the report to the clients.

A competitive SEO audit is also something that agencies can charge for on a project basis.  This can also lead to an ongoing SEO engagement. 

Understanding The Psychology Of Buying

The psychology of buying, or the buyer’s journey, is very important to your marketing strategy and your search engine optimization as well.  Google talks frequently about user journeys and search intent. That lines up perfectly with the buyer’s journey.

SEO is usually the beginning of the buyer’s journey and is called the awareness stage. A person who is in this stage is usually searching for an answer to a question to solve a problem they have.  Knowing this, you should create content that answers your ideal prospect’s questions. 

SEO training classes should be explaining the different stages of the buyer’s journey and the strategies that should be applied to each stage.

How To Drive Business For Your Clients

People want to do SEO to help drive more business.  So if your SEO training program just focuses on getting people to the website, you’re going to have some unhappy clients.  

SEO training for agencies should include the second half of the equation, the one that delivers actual leads to your clients.  Here we’re talking about offering valuable content in exchange for an email address and using marketing automation to nurture those leads and understand when they are ready to buy.

When you do the work to target your content, almost everyone who finds that content in Google is already your client’s ideal prospect. The combination of highly-targeted content and a buyer’s journey marketing automation funnel will send a steady stream of qualified leads to your client. 

SEO Is Marketing

Yes, there are a lot of technical aspects to SEO.  But SEO is really a marketing strategy. You define the target audience, and make a plan to attract and convert them into customers.  When you target and make those data-driven content decisions, you can be assured of having success for your clients.

SEO training for agencies should always explain how SEO is marketing.  That understanding helps you achieve your clients’ goals.