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Our SEO Lessons

You get ongoing access to our video training systems for all of your employees.  So they can all get up to speed quickly.  Additional coaching is also available as needed.

ongoing SEO & PPC training and coaching

Lesson 1
SEO Training: An introduction

Lesson 2
Why Do Pages Get Ranked

Lesson 3
How To Target The Ideal Prospect

Lesson 4
Types of SEO Engagements

Lesson 5
How To Perform A Competitive SEO Audit

Lesson 6
How To Do Keyword Research

Lesson 7
How To Optimize A Website

Lesson 8
How To Build & Execute An Ongoing Content Strategy

Lesson 9
Repurposing Content: The Review & Combine Strategy

Lesson 10
Inbound Links: How & Why To Build Them Safely

Lesson 11
Local SEO

Lesson 12
Onboarding An SEO Client

Lesson 13
Recurring SEO Tasks

Lesson 14
Analytics, SEO Tools & Conversion Tracking

Lesson 15
Reporting For SEO
How To Build Reports

Lesson 16
How To Evaluate SEO Success

Lesson 17
Migrating A Website

Lesson 18
Marketing Automation

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